Know Yourself - Know Your Audience

Her Klara Sedlo

'The Truth is at the Bottom of the Well'

Exhibition until 31st October


Donuteria, Náprstkova 9, Prague 1

At home in her own skin, and others'. Klara's choice of exhibition venue was spot on. I became uncomfortable with the idea of showing art in cafes a couple of years ago. Despite having had what felt like one of the most appropriate exhibition place choices in a bar/ club. Klara reminded me that it's not the status of the place but the appropriateness. Does it fit the art? You can show your art anywhere. A donut shop worked as well as the state gallery in this case since Klara's work, as she told me, is mainly influenced by this cukrarna's donuts. Klara turned the donuterie into a complete work of art in its self. I could imagine this whole exhibition event being transported to the turbine hall at the Tate and working beautifully. I felt the same way when I showed my work at Centrala. The art was messy, dirty, rude, graffitied and irreverent. So were the clientele of the club. They appreciated the paintings in a different than if they were seeing the work in a gallery. Klara even dresses like a bon bon. Shiny rainbow eyelids, blue hair in a glistening transparent plastic wrapper.

She owns the art, the look and the space, whilst sharing everything equally and with an effortless smile.

She’s going to be busy with exhibitions galore over the next year. Be sure and catch all of ‘em. Klara is hot property and is gonna be busy with this till she is cosplaying Gandalfova the White 2000 years from now.

Pick your place. Know your audience. Play your part. Give your part the okay, as only you can. You will know.


Michael Rowland A few weird days if silence till I realised why. Book one is ostensibly completed. Foreplay with book two may begin. Being comfortable in one's skin. And the job to be done. No forcing something which doesn't feel right. However, of you keep in waiting for the perfect idea and the perfect moment you are going to stagnate. Try it, shift it, make it. Tell yourself what you are going to do and do it. Don't let someone else tell you what you are going to do. You will give them the credit in the end and be left wondering what you might have done had you been as bold as the person who told you what you should do. So book two is under way. The preliminary twiddles anyhow.

And all is right with the world.


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