What is a Good Man but a Bad Man's Teacher?

"The studio is an imaginary system, it is not a real system. It holds a serious doubt. The creative world, in which I spend most of my life, it's not family or children, it's you against a hidden thing."

Zvi Tolkovsky - From 'Rupture' - A Documentary work in progress by Kat Tolkovsky and Nadav Harel

Zvi Tolkovsky

Theatre of Broken Parts

18.7. - 8.8.2019

Galerie Hala C,

Litho rasa 12 (vstup pres dvur), Praha 9


Curated by Hagai Segev

All of history trembles on the surface of each newly ancient canvas.

All of humanity clings desperately to every coltishly assembled statue.

East and West collide in a seductive orgy of colour, lust and hopeless hope.

Mutant Mickeys berate Nazi zombies whilst conjuring war-scarred airships to escape the noose.

Disney porn relieves itself in mucky landscapes of collateral damage.

Charred alchemists turn typewriters into architecture and rewrite our psychic infrastructures.

Paddling through the bloody water tank of rescued objects, the heart is visited by a familiar phantom.

We recognise it's features only after we have clawed at it's impossible visage and agreed to lather on the UV protection and bask in the nuclear sun of Zvi's dystopian paradises.

Mushroom clouds hover, promising brief acid rain repose.

A 5D cinema complete with electric chairs.

Augmented surreality coaxes the frightened adult back into the courageous infant they once were.

A new Jerusalem in the clogged arteries of Czech's labyrinthine underground.

A United States of umbilical fantasies, A hand-spike hitch, a figure of eight, an overhand sheep shank and a concubine's grey chagrin.

Sandpaper scenes of unmuffled screaming.

Filthy leather gags-of-the-tortured dipped in sailor's coffins filled with rum and cum and urine to paint an individual stinking flag for every child born.

His church is his act.

His message is his age.

His truth is his laugh.

His strength is his hug.

His eyes are his hands.

His body is every body.

His life is his family.

His friends are his studio.

His studio is his student.

His student is his teacher.

His breath is his fear.

His home is his breath.

His breath is your breath.

His exhibition is on until the 8th of August at Hala C, and it behooves you to be-he there.


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