Sadofsky & Trantina Ate My Hamster

Sadofsky and Trantina at DOX

This is not a fluff piece, this is a fluffer piece! I want these guys to go on forever.

I left DOX yesterday with a pain in my solar plexus. My power chakra was confused. It was inspired, invigorated, impressed and emboldened whilst being palpably jealous of two Czech artists who have clearly found exactly what they want to do and how they want to do it; namely, their own stuff, their own way.

Before seeing The Reduced Visibility of Ordinary Things, I was already a big fan of their art and I went to DOX gallery yesterday specifically to see their work. I expected good stuff. Like when I went to Rome and I thought, 'I'm going to see some good stuff here, this is a good holiday destination choice', when in actual fact it was a bloody amazing destination choice, I mean beyond-my-imagination amazing. Rome blew my tits off!

Both Petr Motyka and Dan Trantina were formal, figurative painters to begin with and chose this direction with rebellious glee, one could imagine, however, in this collection of pieces there is never a feeling of flippancy or childish play; child-like play maybe, but not childish. Where a messy artist such as Jonathan Meese sometimes borders on the Outsider Art category, Sadofsky and Trantina are holding the reigns of what they do, and a mastery of their own genre is evident. You only have to look at the tell tale signs in the wonderful anatomical anomalies on the bodies in their deceptively haphazard compositions. This, combined with the architectural sensitivity lurking behind the geometrical shapes and spray painted patterns throughout.

I was there with Jessica Serran who brought up the question of the difference between what a piece means and what a piece does. She wrote later on Instagram, "These seem to show a beautiful slice of the human experience. One that I'm uncomfortable with, but when presented this way, I tap into a new appreciation of."

What the paintings at this show did to me was physical. I was shaking with delight. My first thought for a title to this blog was, 'Sadofsky and Trantina Can Just Fuck Off!'; I came up with that title when we reached the top floor and saw the Jesus pic'. Christ! I was looking at the paintings in that room and actually thinking that I need to come back and look at them! It's a greedy feeling. Now was not enough. I was glad Jessica was there. Made it feel a bit more like there was two of me to look at/watch the art. Four eyes. Greedy.

Their language is my language, and I am so eager to visit their studio/s and watch them let rip. These are not works created in a small space. The expansive feeling of freedom and experimentation sings from the surface of each canvas and dances off the mutated limbs of their sculptures.

If I am waxing lyrical it is because this is the strongest reaction to a show I have had at DOX in some time.

I have attempted to express myself in this 'messy' style many times and I have always failed. I tend to pull in the reigns a little early, or else overwork the piece horribly. My own voice came when I accepted that big splashy brushes and thick paint where not my family. They are my drunken friends, but not my kith and kin. To see S&T wield these weapons so beautifully fills me with respect. I shall end my love letter here so, or the next time I see them I will blush.

Oh, and a prize for best title...

I am still a little pleasantly shaken by the experience and I am so grateful for this feeling, Petr and Dan. So, I just want to say thank you for being you.


Another treat in Dox at the moment is Stanko-Sequens piece in the Art-Brut-All exhibit. This is another Czech duo who excite me very much. There are parallels between the sculpted works of S&S and S&T, but S&S are a twisted, Dr Seuss with O.C.D. to S&T's randy, cocky Brother's Grimm.

Go to there.

Sadofsky & Trantina:

Reduced Visibility of Ordinary Things

28/6 - 30/9/2019

Curator - Leoš Válka



28/6 - 16/9/2019



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