I See A Golden Vagina (What Do You See?)

Sit back. Take a breath. Reflect. Assess. Do nothing.

"Tarot is a parlour game that's about personal reflection and drawing strength from that."

Erica Danielle

The same can be said for art.

Tarot reading, I believe, is a way into understanding art.

In my short Tarot experience people are more open to Interpreting cards than they are paintings or art performances. They find it easier to believe the images are about them.

I would like to open the borders.

As part of Jo Blin's The Red Carpets performance at

Quadrennial Prague 2019 at Vistaviste

I will be giving free readings of the Tarot on the 7th and 12th June from 2-4pm.

We all know the tarot does not tell the future.

The tarot tells you things you know but you hide from yourself. It confirms and rejects suspicions based on your own honest reflections.

All humans can relate to the cards' Archetypes. Of the 78 cards there is not one which is not a part of us and our character(s). Boiling us down to 78 bits is to really simplify matters. Querents will put the time into translating these archetypes because it is all about them.

Many trepid viewers of art are afraid that art is not about them.

Conceptual art to some reads as "intellectual" art. It seems distant. Exclusive.

The cards however are fun!

Well so is art

"When I go into the studio I am a dumb animal." J.Serran's art teacher.

The artist is an amplifier.

You are the amplifier of you.

The artist sits back and reads their work the same as any confused viewer at a gallery.

It is all about reading images.

Learning about tarot symbology and history is secondary to what studying the cards teaches you about your self. Again, it is the same with art, dance, music, cinema, and theatre. How we respond says something about us. Not about the artist. The artist is doing his learning whilst creating and reacting.

In a gallery you are the reader and the querent.

If you don't want to play the game you don't want to play the game. But there is nothing 'wrong' with the game for that.

Some are tempted to make art/tarot mystical and sacred and ritualistic. Well as I say, it is up to the person. It is not the cards which are spiritual, it is the player.

An artist will only display something if they want to share it. They do not do what they do to be wanky

They create something which others can see or hear or feel. Of course there will be profound remnants of shared sociological and ancestral memories emanating from the work. Sometimes more obvious than others but there nevertheless.

Yes, the cards do come with a reader and an explanation whereas art often doesn't. A viewer may only have a title to go by. This is why titles are so important. But many card readers will read for themselves also. This is a trick gallery goer must learn.

Then sit back. Relax. Assess. Reflect.

If you don't want to play that game. Ask yourself why not.

How one reacts to the archetypes and symbols we are surrounded with in society dictates ones fundamental persona and day to day personality / mood.

Adverts. Nice streets. Noisy neighbours. Pleasant days. cut grass. Red bricks. Decorative building facades. Lousy shopkeepers. Happy police. Why? We read it through symbols. Sun, rain, light, fruitfulness, sex, security, power etc.

You can actively change the meanings of the symbols you are surrounded by.

Be awake and aware of how you respond. Know what you are responding to. Know who you are.

The job of art and the job of the tarot are as clear as you want them to be. Their meanings are a reflection of you and your willingness to participate in self analysis. This is something us fools should be glad to indulge in until we finally can connect openly and honestly with the world.

Thank you Kelly-Ann Maddox, Lusi Lu, Uncle Alan, Tereza Silon and Alejandro Jodorowsky.

(Click on World image for my Spotify 'Tarot 78' Playlist)


As I am writing about sharing; let me post a link here to a new invention (I think) of mine. Sitting in the park, listening to music last week I consciously connected one song I was listening to to the queen of wands. After that I could not be stopped. I made a 78 song playlist of songs I have deliberated over and connected to their cards. The Spotify playlist 'Tarot 78' is here (Click here or Le Monde above). Should you be a card reader and find yourself cardless, hit shuffle on this list and you can read from the songs randomly picked. From 1 to 78 (Zero to 77) the order is Major Arcana, Cups, Pentacles, Wands then Swords. The court cards to be read in the original Marseille pack order (according to Jodorowsky) with the knight coming after the king. In this playlist the Strength card and the Justice card are in their Rider Waite positions. I recommend making your own playlist however for all the reasons stated above.

I am expecting a Tarot intervention from friends and family any day now! Enjoy :)


HanaLisa Omer has an exhibition at the Jarov Evangelical Church.

I have been speaking and thinking (in that order) a lot about symbolism these past few months. The grand dame of esoterica in Prague IS HanaLisa. One painting is enough for a lifetime of reflection. She puts so much into each perfectly, lovingly executed canvas it is incredible to see how prolific her output is. Just look at the details in these things! I am eager to sit with HanaLisa again and have her help me understand what I am seeing. Until then I am absolutely thrilled to try and connect with and figure out these allegorical mysteries for myself.


Hope you enjoyed all that. Follow me on Instagram, like me on Facebook and feel free to say 'Hi' to me on either one of those or even on the contact page of this very website.

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I am committed to making this blog as snappy, fun, experimental and accessible as I can. If any of what I post, paint, paste or print resonates with you, please forward to friends and colleagues with wild abandon!

#michaeljohnrowland #tarot

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