Resistance + Experiment Or Too busy being beautiful

Artistic resistance. Gender roles. Vulnerability. Showing self. Not copying. Showing up. Not blindly accepting. Resisting the easy way. Experimenting with the truth. Experimenting with the self. Revealing. Recording. Changing. How art and artists deal with contemporary politics. Deleting. Mapping. Deleting. Forgetfulness. Starting over. Resist conclusions. Too many ideas is a good amount of ideas. L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.

We poke fun at dictators and corrupt leaders even though anger is our energy. Throw a punch. Smile at me. Forgive me. Trapped in a Car Park. No car. Trapped in a Car. Lick my hair. Woody Allen - Satire vs Baseball bats. Cave binoculars. Dark paintings of dark shit. Light of light. Znovuzrozeni. The man of my dreams. You Never Wore Cologne. Football poem/Goodbye poem (A.Henri).

Zoom. Bless no one. Winlose.

I have seen Trump's face on toilet paper, seen him dressed like a baby, seen him in romantic scenes with Kim and Putin and still all we really want to do is punch him in his stupid, smug fat face.

Resisting. Trapped in the metro. No metro. Jak osalit zimu. Brought up in the school of soft knockers. You are stronger now. You don't need to be stronger . You do need to be strong. It was actually where he picked me up, he took me to the glassworks in Sazava, blew me a vase and the rest is history. There's a special place for good people in hell and this place is filled with artists who never speak up about the things that really piss them off.

Experimenting. Gadzooks! We is singin' now Pa! Changing my name to Rocky LaCoste.

Oh, What a lovely war.

So Sorry.

Little girl don't cry. Moon. The dangling shiny threads which it would be impossible for you not to pull on once revealed. Gray areas of family time. A red and white Kop. L.F.C. Are you a white cop? Resist. The novelty of God's lonely man.


There must also be love. Without love your art will not work. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough. Resist Divine chimneys. If I was a painter I'd paint a world that couldn't take her. If I had your hand in mine I would shine. Experiment. The surprises you have in store for yourself, the philosophies, the act of painting, the hope that this latest piece will make everything you ever did, do or will do worthwhile! Silencio. 555. Composition is in no essential. Optical intrusion. Wasted. Pump it, sister. Intimni. Lida 44, Budu si s tebo hesky dlouho hrat. Sorry. Mia Culpa. Mr Heartache/Elvis 56. Here's to never quite having the answer and never quite perfecting or overusing any one technique. The sheer anticipation of perfection is so rich, and exciting. Resisting. Michal Sarse. Zvi Tolkovsky. Eva Tolkovsky. Kat Tolkovsky. Helena Sequens. Clare Price. Helena Jakoube. Marika Volfova. Katerina Janeckova. Melanie Griffiths. Asa Soderquist. Sorry. Thank you. #youtoo.

S.O.S. So sorry.


Novelty 16. Agua. Oooh Blew. Too busy being beautiful. An image of me pulling at threads of my own clothing until completely naked is the one I am going to leave you with.

Try to resist.



Very Proud to be a part of.....

The 11th PRAGUE MICROFESTIVAL 'RESISTANCE + EXPERIMENT' International writing, art, film & performance 26-28 April 2019

26-27.4 @ Žižkostel, nám. Barikád 28.4 @Punctum, Krásova 27 EN/CZ

Featuring Acid Amazonians, Eli Anders, Louis Armand, Autopoetik, Vít Bohal, Michael Rowland, Jo Blin, Tomas Cohen, Carl-Christian Elze, Athena Farrokhdzad, Irma Hirsel, Jana Horáková, Jess Huber, Momo Kunz, Ondřej Macl, Marek Majzon, Daniel “DC” Miller, Tomáš Mládek, Noir, Pavel Osvald, Tibor Hrs Pandur, Marko Pogačar, Dina Pokrajac, Radovan Potočár, Nina Power, SolSol, Marie Šťastná...


Hope you enjoyed all that. Follow me on Instagram, like me on Facebook and feel free to say 'Hi' to me on either one of those or even on the contact page of this very website.

Also follow and like our Alt*Art Society FB page. Also find me at Elpsis Boo Channel on youtube.

I am committed to making this blog as snappy, fun, experimental and accessible as I can. If any of what I post, paint, paste or print resonates with you, please forward to friends and colleagues with wild abandon!

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