The Perfect Blog Or An 'Answer' to Life the Universe and Everything Can Only Bring Disappoin

The Perfection Blog I was going to call it. No image. No text. I wrote last week's blog, all about gender politics and oil paint and R.Kelly and I didn't like it. So I left it. And I thought that rather than do nothing at all I would do sort-of-nothing. Post an empty blog and call it The Perfection Blog since I am always harping on about the paradox of speaking and writing and painting when in fact silence is the most rational answer to most of our our impossible questions. The Perfection Blog. That was my plan at 10am this morning. But then!!!!

Marcel Duchamp! No shit! Marcel Duchamp stuff coming to Prague! Look who's coming to town! I took a photo. I was going to share it. As soon as I found out when it was opening.

Mad coincidence. A friend messaged me just yesterday "Are you influenced by Dada?" "Yes," I replied, "Dada makes the most sense to me." She said she was watching a documentary about Marcel Duchamp and she shared the link.

A 1956 interview with him about his work and Dadaism. I hadn't seen it. I watched it immediately. I marched across the street, ignoring traffic and squealing like a six-foot tall Pingu. I looked inside Vaclav Spala and the walls were bare. 'The exhibition must be on soon,' I thought. I googled it. My phone was too slow. A friend checked the gallery site for me one hour later. One hour of eager anticipation and childlike joy. A fucking famous foreigner in a private Czech gallery. Rare. This is what we found:

MARCEL DUCHAMP The prefix of our time

MARCH 19, 2019 - MARCH 24, 2019 MARCEL DUCHAMP AS A PRESENT OF OUR TIME On March 21, 1969, an exhibition of an artist opened in Špála's Gallery, which in the twentieth century fundamentally changed the paradigm and sense of visual art. The exhibition was prepared by Jindřich Chalupecký, a distinguished Czech art and literary theorist and critic, essayist, art historian, and thus presented for the first time and last time in Czechoslovakia the works of Marcel Duchamp. Although it was almost half a year after his death, his exhibition was essential and groundbreaking for the local small but eager artistic environment. Today we all know the name Duchamp, which should not be pronounced anymore, for it necessarily entrains all the current progressiveness and thus silences it. The year is 2019 and his name appears again in the Václav Špála Gallery after fifty years ... He is present in the emptiness of the gallery space ... But when I talk about emptiness, I mean nothing but the unlimited potential for anything: disappear. The awareness of the openness that people experience when they let the mind rest freely is called emptiness. And because the essence of our mind is emptiness, we have the ability to experience a potentially unlimited range of thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Even the misunderstanding of emptiness is a phenomenon arising from emptiness. Jiří David

I felt shattered. Like Duchamp's Large Glass. What a let-down. And what a swizz! I just don't believe them.

“BULLSHIT!” I shouted.

And yet... Mr smartly pants here was a few hours away from posting an empty blog which he was going to call ‘The Perfection Blog'. Maybe there is something for me to learn from this synchronicity. After all, Duchamp himself, although upset at the moving men's clumsiness when moving his piece, saw beyond the disaster and found beauty and symmetry in the cracks in the glass. It was and is proudly displayed in its broken state. Now nothingness and silence are of course harmless illustrations of peace and perfection, but nonetheless they inspire very little enthusiasm and sometimes downright bloody disappointment! As tools for communication nothingness and silence are redundant. Writing and speaking about silence however can be hugely inspiring. If the day comes when I finally shut the fuck up, I will be sure to tell you all about it.

See you, and only you, at Václav Špála Gallery!

Mar 20, 2019


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