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Come in and Shut Up

Preamble - I just got the great news that I will have my first official solo exhibition at Gallery Hala C in Prague 9. Tuesday FEB 12th to Feb 27th. Much more info to come.

Not only that BUT video No.32 'Three Reasons', from my 33 films in 33 weeks project, has been accepted in the Some Like it Short film festival at Bio Oko on Monday 21st Feb.

It never rains but it pours...or whatever the positive way of saying that is :-)

The following blog outlines the thoughts that have been bubbling behind all that will be shown at the exhibition.

Amble... 1. “We are all just Quark Soup.”

Carl Roland That we are 'intelligent' beings must mean that the quark soup which we bubbled out of is of equal intelligence, or, as I wish to pose here, of equal dumbness. That we are born sick and must make ourselves well again, as the Christians would have the world believe, is perhaps not as fucked up as it first seems. If we look at it in terms of what the universe is and how it should be then it is of course a spiritual nonsense but If we look at this concept in terms of the societies which we are born into then this is most definitely a valid concern. I have been made stupid. Some of my most attractive features are socially perpetuated falsehoods. If art is not used to reveal our own lies then of what good is it, unless it claims no such worthiness and is happy to accept itself as mere decoration?

We, like the universe, are dumb. I, the universe is dumb and sometimes believe that I am separate from other events and objects which are happening. As if I can nap while I dance the atom dance of space and time.

You are with me whether you like it or not! 2.

"Come in and shut up." Zvi Tolkovsky

I am arting and I am raining. I am arming and tapping and looking and writing and thinking and breathing and philosophising and sitting and noising and shopping and flying and swimming and reading and hearting and foxing and hot air ballooning and literally ALL of the things at the same time! Where does art come in? Well it doesn't you see. Art is arting and arming and foxing and boxing and footballing like all of I. Both "I" and "Art" are not things. Both are actions. Part of the flow. Since the beginninglessness of time. As soon as you are tricked into separating yourself mentally from everything by using names and considering possible insides and outsides of formless nothing then you may of course play the explanation game ad infinitum without getting anywhere really real. Sure it's fun but it is a drug and it will fuck you up in the end. You can no more step outside, than you can step inside of something which isn't there. We are all free to make copies of copies of copies but in doing so we deny us, you, me, I, the universe, the infinitely rare chance to sharpen its teeth on the bones of THIS. We will keep smiling... We will keep shining... We will keep crying We will keep changing... And all of the things...

Mine is an art about the Philosophy of language. Like Wittgenstein trying to explain Zen through logic, though concluding of that you must get there by yourself. My art is sometimes like a Zen koan being overzealously translated by Google. At best my art reveals itself to me years after it has been made, accidentally, when it’s not thinking.


As the layers of society are being pealed back, we are privy to a much greater mess than we at first suspected. We are compelled to intervene. We cannot however trust our usual points of reference as regards what we should do. They are corrupt. We stand alone. We are being physically spat out by the very society we vouch for - kill for. We must scramble through the rubbish and use the best bits to our advantage. Do not fear the mess. Dip in and construct your own version of future. & Cast out your own junk while you're at it. The viewer of my art I imagine to be like E.T. in Elliot's garage hopefully constructing a new communication tool out of junk so we can all finally go home. We misunderstand all the words we hear and read and we are duty bound (by the existential laws of metaphysical discombobulation) to eliminate the confusion.

The signs are ubiquitous.

I am entertaining the viewer. Creating puzzles which they will find answers to years from now. The answers are entertaining. When you find the connections between signs for yourself your spirit rises. If I give you the connections you die inside a little. "Oh really, it means that. Right….."

The surface language may appear arbitrary, but the answers are in the details. A bit like life really. You can let it wash over you like some colourful tool. Or you can let things sink in. Down the line you will see the prophecies revealed to you, and you only.

"I'm gonna let them find you on their own." Jeffrey Beaumont - Blue Velvet 1986

Photos courtesy of Mark Roland. MJR and Carl Roland starring.


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I am committed to making this blog as snappy, fun, experimental and accessible as I can. If any of what I post, paint, paste or print resonates with you, please forward to friends and colleagues with wild abandon!

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