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2 big things happened this week and one big thing is happening next week.

I will tell you about them.

The first big thing was...

I completed my 333 Paintings project, which was to post one new picture per day for 333 days.

This project has been invaluable to my progress as an artist.

(click on image for instagram link. Final 333 image by Chantelle Goldthwaite)

The power of a promise, the power of a title, the power of perseverance and the power of discipline were hammered home to me as I continued to surprise even myself. Looking back, the patterns of the year were made clear despite my seemingly disparate methods and daily mood swings.

Paintings really do know more than you know a lot of the time. To understand this is to put trust in the labour you put into your studio work and this trust helps develop a kind of fearlessness in giving birth to the strangest sorts of bastards knowing that one day they might teach you something about yourself.

For the last three pictures I chose three friends to make images for me. I did this as thanks for their support and for fun as well, but then realised it tied in perfectly with 'big thing' number two.

The second big thing...

ALT*ART SOCIETY is a concept developed and spearheaded by artist Chantelle Goldthwaite and I. This month we went live on Patreon; a website which acts as a platform for artists of all kinds to find patrons for their work.

(click on image to be transported to our Patreon page for info and an invitation)

The goal of the ALT*ART SOCIETY is not only to empower the artist in an art world poisoned by bureaucracy and fear of invisibility but to put an emphasis on collaboration as a way forward.

In political terms and in artistic terms the value of sharing and working as a group could not be more significant and necessary than it is in today’s mook-ridden century of the self.

A.A.S. = Subversive/Inclusive/Collaborative/Fun

Go on, give us a click ;-* XXX


The third big thing...

happening next week is ArtPrague

(Tue 10th April to Sun 15th April)

(click on image above to be wazzooed all the way to the ArtPrague homepage)

I will be taking part in this for the first time along with fellow Obejvakians, Jo Hanna Blin, Erica Hoelper and Andy Allen.

The venue is magnificent, the Palais Clam-Gallas.

We will have a wonderful, weird, warm and welcoming space with wine and wassailing.

Get In!

Three big things. Three clicks. Three avenues to fun.

Please come and visit each and every one :-)


Hope you enjoyed all that. Follow me on Instagram, like me on Facebook and feel free to say 'Hi' to me on either one of those or even on the contact page of this very website.

Also follow and like our Alt*Art Society FB page.

I am committed to making this blog as snappy, fun, experimental and accessible as I can. If any of what I post, paint, paste or print resonates with you, please forward to friends and colleagues with wild abandon!

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