The Mook Manifesto - Part 4

The fourth fifth of...

The Mook Manifesto - an antidote to success

Step 61

Speak before you think. See what bewildering levels of twat you can achieve.

Think before you speak. And meet those twats up close.

Step 62

'Yemen is miles away.

Unless you live in or around Yemen.'

Old Mook Proverb

'Where there's a wallaby

There's a person who knows the word 'wallaby'.'

Old Mook Proverb

"The written word is a lie." P.i.L. Rise

Step 63

Stop making your dreams a reality. It's weird.

All Romes lead to Roads

Step 64

Give up and Start the Revolution

'The art of living is far more important than the art of great painters.' - Krishnamurti

Step 65

We are but things with eyes

That need to eat

Don't overthink it

I like feet

Step 66

If you paint in the dark

Turn a light on or something

Step 67

Make a list of the things you are going to do and when you plan to do them. And do them.

Step 68

End the search for that shore on this shore and save yourself some time.

Step 69

Read no further

Step 70

Anything can happen from now. You ARE at the meeting!

Step 71

No reliance on words or letters or pictures or wotnot.

See the new day

Step 72

7.441.999 times out of 7.442.000 you are an example of 'what everybody else thinks'. Never underestimate your influence. You could get a job making people nervous.

Feel smart when you read genius.

Know that there is nothing between you and it. Not even air.

Step 73

If I annoys You

And You annoys Me

That makes three

If I delete You

And you delete Me

I is free*

*this might mean something but I doubt it

Step 74

It is not about good or evil. It is about not wanting to be punched in the head.

Stop being manipulated by dirty old men

Step 75

Religion is very bad

Step 76

When you own a castle you will feel exactly the fucking same. I guarantee it.

Paintings all make the same sound.

Step 77

Until we invent a new form of language we can be sure that everything has already been thought or said.

The best of us can only hope to catch up.

In the mean time you do not belong here.

Step 78

There should be no distance between you and the person looking at you. No distance between the work and the work one puts into looking at the work. No distance between twoo and them riddle tim twoo. No minnanum bitwim nin an nonanoo. Gurg. Nur. Nut. Froo.


Step 79

Do one shit thing. That's just shit.

Do ten shit things and put them all together next to each other. There's your concept.

Step 80

It's the TV mums and dads that really fuck you up.

Remember you have nothing to sell.



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I am committed to making this blog as snappy, fun, experimental and accessible as I can. If any of what I post, paint, paste or print resonates with you, please forward to friends and colleagues with wild abandon!

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