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One From the Heart

The business side of arting I have begun to realise is 75% of the job.

I am seeking professional guidance where and when I can get it and man, brother, sister, woman I can tell you it is not a light undertaking.

Believing in yourself is a good start but it is only the putting-your-shoes-on bit before climbing Everest.

The leg work, networking, research and acceptance of rejection is the journey to base camp. Building a lack of fear that you will not starve to death along with your family is pitching your first tent. Building a lack of fear IN your family is tent breakfast. And then you begin the real business whether there is a storm coming or not.

The weatherman is an un-hip fool. The weatherman is not to be trusted. In fact the closest we have to trustworthy weathermen in the art world are historians.

At which point do I fit in this metaphor? I am still looking for someone to drive us to base camp.

The scramble for wheels is dizzying. The temptation to leave the rush, stay another night in the B&B and drink soup till you puke is huge. The temptation to take up brisk hiking instead is also huge; and family friendly.

The biggest temptation of all however is not ‚give up altogether‘ but the temptation to talk about it all. To write about it and whine about it and complain about it until something good happens. THIS I will put an end to from here on up as well.

My shoes are ON, my family are afraid, but they bought their tickets and want to see the view from the top. I have the phone numbers of all the coaches and I remember almost everything from the survival courses I have attended. I can pitch a tent pretty well and I know there are friends on the same journey who will lend me a peg if I lose all mine!

I am taking the soup to go. It's minus 2 Celsius out there.

That's plus 28 Fahrenheit!

‚Plus‘ see? All a matter of perspective see?...

.....not forgetting the blood and the sweat and the tears and the hard work and perseverance and hope and help and tears and the drugs and the talk and sleeplessness and loans and panic and mindfulness, mindfulness, mindfulness…....

P.S. Don't forget your Jumars!

One from the head

Don't miss the lift to the mountain. There are spaces opening all the time. You just need to be there.

Think before opening.

I scribbled this onto the cover of my tablet after a conversation with a friend who mentioned that successful entrepreneurs recommend not opening your phone or tablet for at least one hour after waking; to give yourself the time to allow your own rush of waking thoughts to organise and settle and maybe even be noted down; to let your own judgements work on you for as long as possible before your devices tell you what to think.

Give yourself an hour in the morning. Bad news can and will wait.

And when you do need to go in, take a moment to ask what for. I generally go in to do practical stuff and then get sidetracked.

It's like Christmas shopping. You should plan what you want to get, go in to town, get it and get the hell out. The worst thing you can do is go to town with no plan and think you will find everybody's present whilst browsing. To add to that analogy I have also found that on such browsing occasions I am far more likely to find tons of things which I want for myself.

Anyway, its been two days since I had that conversation and this simple suggestion is already working wonders for me.

I feel like I am present again. I feel like I am freeing up thoughts and ideas that get too quickly tied down by all the negative and useless claptrap that grabs my attention as soon as I open my phone or tablet.

These are work tools until you decide they aren't. If you open and THEN think, your work tool becomes an annoying colleague tapping you on the shoulder wanting to show you their family photos from the top of Mount Everest.

If you think then open, you may never need to call social media insulting names ever again, added to which you may find your head will be upright, seen and counted when they are filling the coaches to base camp.

The Five of Clives - 20cm x 20cm Photograph and Paint App on Canvas

Good luck...


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