Nothing to Be Done - Toodle Pip, 2017

There is nothing to be done

There is no top ten anything.



As we peel back the layers of brand names, important job titles and media lies is it any wonder that more and more people are accepting that we, our friends, our family and our neighbours really are suffering from panic attacks and clinical depression and treatable anxiety?

On realising who we have been covering for all this time (self serving billionaires and a neutral cosmos) is it any wonder that so many of us are having a tough time dealing with the fact that we have all been duped.

Politics is failing us. Democracy is flailing. Do gooders are googling themselves into a tizzy. What's right? What's wrong? What can we do?

I'll tell you what we can do;

Write a fucking wish list!

I hope this cheers me up...

My Xmas Blog wish list -

A guitar shaped swimming pool

A pen to draw on iPads.

A red Cadillac

Continued inspiring collaboration with Zvlast Collective and the Alt-Art Society.

A jet pack

A better year for cinema In 2018

To be able to hold my breath underwater for one whole hour

ShitKid to visit Prague

A constantly renewable 2 year-old's desire to jump out of bed in the morning.

The voice of an angel

A new pair of jeans.

Prawn cocktail crisps

Pocket money for new york 2019

An automated baseball batting cage

An endless supply of Canvases

A convincing angry face

Big Fat Tubes of Paint

An end to organised religion

Wealthy Patrons

A variety of cheeses

A third season of House of Fools

The annotated Finnegans Wake

A third wind

A proliferation of individual temporal autonomous zones

A season ticket to the Prague theatre English Cimrman productions

One actual wish

A replenished 21 year-old's tolerance for large quantities of beer

A punch bag

A scream box

The patience of a saint

Infinite perspective 24/7

Brass balls

New shoes


Bedroom Wardrobes

An magic new aptitude for languages

Greater control and understanding of my online presence

A brand new bright red rubber ball

Ham hands

A 2018 artist residency


"Insanity is doing the same again and again and expecting a different result." Einstein or someone or other.

Here's to a brand spanking new 2018 with far fewer dickheads and far more good cheeses.

P.S. Thanks for reading :-)

Blog Back in the second week of 2018

Happy Holidays


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