The Mook Manifesto - Part 2

The second fifth of…

The Mook Manifesto– A contemporary theory of irrelativity

(Mook = Definition of mook. slang. :a foolish, insignificant, or contemptible person.)

"You can come and shut up!" Zvi Tolkovsky

Step 21

Death to speed readers!

Step 22

To my Czech countryfolk. To everything say ‘To Ne!‘

I know you are tired. And you do not wish to lean left in your rebellion. You have been there. You also do not want to venture right. Capitalism is betraying you. In the middle you find yourselves. Not apathetic but apolitical. You have settled in the catchment area of the scoundrel and the dullard. Join forces and disappear your enemies. You are in no position to sit back and relax. Say "To Ne!" to everything.

Not That!

Not That!

Not That!

Step 23

Don't Buy a Gun - BE A GNU!

Step 24

Aim for the heart with your shitty poetry. Aim for the genitals with the good stuff.

Grade yourself like you just slept with yourself to get a better grade. It's immoral.

Now make yourself a sandwich.

Step 25

Jettison unnecessary cargo

Give up

Infinite is not enough

One is not enough

Step 25.5

Don't be so quick to agree with people who share your opinion.

The person who is good at expressing clearly their ideas and emotions will make for a bad artist.

No struggle - No art.

It is not the artist's emotional closeness to things which dictates their greatness but the frustration in dealing with their unchanging distance from everything.

Step 26


*(the battle cry of the Mook)

Step 27

Arm a nettle, sting a quark.

Sell yourself to a painting

Make art....mad.

Step 28


Step 29

Brave the woman who poses as a woman.

Step 30

Drowning in his sorrows he learnt to

speak with fishes

The ugly ones with bulbous lips who feed on artist's wishes

Step 31

Don't tell anyone anything.

Step 32

Do not hug people who are offering 'free hugs'

There are roughly a 500 million artists and a billion pieces of art produced every day. Enjoy what you do. You are not needed.

Your voice is your password

Don't support a society that can't organise a society that doesn't have to organise charities.

Step 33

It's the ‚not knowing‘ which arouses us and teases us from our apathy. It's the ‚not knowing‘.

Step 34

Above the desire to create, an artist should be consumed with regret over everything they ever did or didn't do.

Leave early or stay till the end. Never stay ‚too far in-between‘.

It is okay to waste your talents but not your time.

Step 35

I was sure that nature was not so conflicted as I.

From Latin luce love means light.

Detach yourself from beauty and become one with it.

Your work must be light to the touch. In this lies the greatness of the work.

We chop at the day with thoughts. From the morning to the evening. Short sharp words. Knives slashing at water

'Nothing' is forever

Only what thou did create.

Step 36


Wisdumb, miss-chief, mennace and the hatred of everything normal.

Step 37

Curb your enthusiasm by getting excited about everything.

Step 38

No One is An Anything.

Names you don't know are better than names you know.

You know where the phone is.

Step 39

I am made of sand.

This manifesto is made of glass.

You can't rationalise insanities.

I word we nonse disumification were were.

Step 40

"Art is very well, but dependant on life." Leah Hirsig Diaries (Alieister Crowley's Scarlet Woman)

„Love the bullshit.“ Andy Allen

„The Catastrophe of Success.“ Tennessee Williams

Watch now; see what happens next! Now is Better.


I enjoy showing people the Prague art scene and what it represents and presents to us.

Simple stories. Short messages. Quick news. Small Aha! moments, guidance, encouragement and perhaps a little exhilaration.

So if you have a group of friends who have the same interests, let them know about this blog and follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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