The Mook Manifesto

The first fifth of…

The Mook Manifesto– A contemporary theory of irrelativity

(Mook = Definition of mook. slang. :a foolish, insignificant, or contemptible person.)

"If it ain’t fun it will not a culture become."

Michael John Rowland – The Theory of Irrelativity (2017)

Step 1

(a starting point too far in between by half)





A Constipated, Concentrated Jungle Cat!




Step 2



Meet Me at the Thingy Elevator 20cm x 20cm

Step 3

You are not special

You do not have free will

You are not an individual

You are a foolish, insignificant, contemptible person

Step 4





More a Bag of Crisps Person 20cm x 20cm

Step 5

We will take you in our arms

We will marry you

We will make things up.

Step 6

A windmill manifesto for perpetual revolution


The Possible

Superfluous possibilities


Transitional Principles

Inner value(s)

The Limits of Associations 20cm x 20cm

Step 7

Teach your children pacifism

Teach your children how to land a punch.

Teach your children how to take a punch.

Leave your children the hell alone.

Step 7.5

Fuck it all.

No really.

Step 7.75

Love is...even if it isn't.


If it seems worth saying, keep it to yourself!

Step 8



Always Sometimes.

Love is Even if it Isn't 20cm x 20cm

Step 9

Gaze up in the blue sky at the clouds moving and think all kinds of things

Drink well


Don't walk

Don't take not taking things seriously too seriously



Ape things

Step 10

Stop painting forever

20cm x 20cm

Step 11

To become obsessed with one Subject/theme/style. This is your choice. And I take interest and then look elsewhere for another type. To become obsessed with other obsessed people is bordering on lazy.

"Nothing of any worth came from repetition." Morrissey

Step 12

Feed a swan, kiss a king.

Do it sometimes

Do it all the time

Don't do it

You choose

Don't wait to find out how much people don't know

A Bird is one Egg's Way of Becoming Other Eggs 20cm x 20cm

Step 13

See step 2

Step 14

Ride a pony, don't ride a pony.

Smile. The cage you are in has air holes.

A poem about a monkey is worth ten about a tulip.

You can't lie to a squirrel.

A crocodile who can't spell is like a camomile cummerbund.

A winter without words is to see everything in black and white.

I Feel Like a Robot Dog Chasing its Own Tail 20cm x 20cm

Step 15

A same rote but Nona-heads.

Gold tongue in a bell jar and you'll helplessly army a bunk-bed-a-mate.

Cramp lion the mainsail or hoops won't never belittle one.

Ghandi cross on a VPL; Hena will rue the day it 'tatered.

Step 16

See through yourself when you sit back and relish the beauty of it.

Chicks Dig Me Cos I'm Cool 20cm x 20cm

Step 17

If you are an artist you can never fail at art.

"Equality to me.. The white man is not the measure for equality. We don't aspire to be equal to the white man. Equality means we can all do what we want with our life." Malcolm X

If you can make a moment into a song, one night into a movie, and a weekend into a book you should have no problem living forever.

…and don't trust whitey.

Step 18

YOU are not the truth. IT is.

Art is not truth.

Truth is not truth.

Ruth is truth.

She IS.

You don't know Ruth. Don't pretend you do.

Three-way Communication 20cm x 20cm

Step 19

Keep telling yourself, 'It's only art.'

Fuck Nietzsche, fuck Lennon, fuck Rothko, fuck Dylan, fuck Christmas, fuck Morrissey, fuck Duchamp, fuck Carravagio, fuck Jodorowsky, FUCK Freud, fuck art and fuck you.

The only way to make any real money is to start a religion.

Lego is an investment.

Step 20

I will attack you if you quote me.

I will quote you only if you attack me.

"It's a beautiful thing I say bye bye" Ian Brown - The Stone Roses

"Tone is the hardest part of saying no." Jonathan Price - Put That in Writing

“Take it easy. But take it.” Pete Seeger – Talking Union

"Nothing of any worth came from repetition." Morrissey

Darkly Flamboyant Toothy Dianetic 20cm x 20cm



I enjoy showing people the Prague art scene and what it represents and presents to us.

Simple stories. Short messages. Quick news. Small Aha! moments, guidance, encouragement and perhaps a little exhilaration.

So if you have a group of friends who have the same interests, let them know about this blog and follow me on Facebook.

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