INFINTY IN BITS book and Tarot pack

Infinity in Bits Cover
Infinity in Bits Cover

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Tarot Cards Bag
Tarot Cards Bag

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Infinity in Bits
Infinity in Bits

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Infinity in Bits Cover
Infinity in Bits Cover

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Michael J. ROWLAND created this Tarot pack in 2021. 
His book ‘Infinity in Bits’, published by Equus Press in 2021, is a companion piece to the pack.

Selecting carefully from fourteen years of his art works Michael chose 78 images for his own pack. He then underwent the painstaking task of connecting the symbolism of his own images with the Crowley Harris, Rider Waite Smith and Marseille packs. The synchronicity discovered in the connections to the classic meanings of the cards made it hard to imagine that the art was not always intended for this very end.

The collage of Michael’s images used on the cover of the book and the back of the cards was created by multimedia artist and illustrator Jo BLIN, as well as the symbols design, typography and layout.


You can get your own copy of the book by ordering directly from Equus Press

You can order the Tarot pack directly from Michael. 

Excerpt from Infinity in Bits




There is a lord inside me somewhere

A lady in there too.

A jupiter, a Jupiter, A Juno ingenue.

I’m what I’m.

A lion or a mouse? A lion–mouse.

I am.

In space, I can hear me scream.

Tit for tat – no lion–mouse is going down like that.





We crash landed and here we must stay. Our ship and our memory put to pasture. “Get word back,” was the message – So much for the rapture.

But what with memory loss and buried bones and trickster gods and emerald eyes, she warmed to me, and on her hands and knees crawled to the wreckage moments before a wave the size of Snowdon crashed upon her garlanded head roughly the size of P.J. Proudhon….and she yawns...and his words are nothing….and she now the mother of order.


Between the devil and the page of pentacles there’s a moderated sense of enablement

A glandular flux of

inveigling, modified to suit the unflatterable.


“Open wide! There’s someone here to see you.”

(15+11 = 26 / 2+6=8)


And my sister’s all like “To tame or not to tame, that is the question,” and a little mousey on her shoulder is letting her know how the cumulation of bespectacled cheddar is beyond and before all cataracts or social contracts.

Death to bad people is not the answer for bad people. Death just is.

How can that be a punishment?


Can you believe it? A man with a history! And I only met him yesterday. I had him down as a 24-hour kind of guy.

It just goes to show ya!


And her orgasm / under the weight of it / lasted over an hour / like a whale / so I’ve heard.


This chasm of rage of spirits of sanity spewing their entrails like well–ordered ectoplasm through a spinning colander of Jewish descent and misplaced symbols, all memes and borogoves borrowing dentures for half–cut punchlines and sober retractions.

Words are never haughty if detached from their actions.


A revolution by any other name would be completely misunderstood.


Is underwear inevitable?

Ask Peter and the Wolf

Is Famine avoidable?

Ask the Nutcracker


The Russian Lion’s definition of consciousness and character, true definitions of entity, individuality, personality and nonentity.


Underwear is not inevitable

and neither is your sanctity.