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“All art and all symbols are a way back to the here and now - to the place we started before we constructed all those things which we must explain, break down, communicate or learn to understand in order to return to where we already are.”





​Liffey Trust Buildings. Dublin (March 2005) Group Show

​The Arts Club.  Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin (Sept’ 2004) Group show


Saigon Outcast Art Fair - Saigon, Vietnam (March 2014)


Czech Republic

​Eden Shopping centre - Pop-Up Gallery - U Slavie (June 2007) Joint Exhibition with Jitka Burleson

Přerov City Gallery - Horní náměstí (Aug 2016) Joint exhibit with Ivan Mladek

Katerina Dostalova Gallery - Olomouc (Sept 2016) - Joint exhibition with Ivan Mladek

1435mm Gallery / Freight Station Zizkov (Oct 2017) Joint exhibition with Obejvak collective

Art Prague fair – Clam Gallas Palace, Old Town, Prague (March 2018) Joint exhibition with Zvlášť Collective

Tranzit Display Gallery – Prague – Rage Against the Algorithm (November 2018) Group show

Galerie Hala C, Prague - Everything is a Metaphor for Everything Else. Solo show (Feb 2019)

Prague Microfestival  XI - Žižkostel, group show (Apr 2019) 

Galerie Gambit, Prague - Infinity in Bits. Solo show (Jan 2020)

Obejvák pop up exhibition, Balabenka - WONDERDUST #2 - 'The Zvlášt Collective'. Group show (Summer 2020)

Prague Microfestival XII - Punctum, Prague  - Group show (Oct 2020)

Berlin Art Week - Tor28 Art Lab - Directors Lounge - 'Director's commentary' Collaborative work in Group Show (Sept 2021)

Prague Microfestival XIII - Punctum, Prague  - Group show (Oct 2021)

UPCOMING....Prague Microfestival XIV - Atrium,

Žižkov, Prague (October 13-16, 2022)

UPCOMING...SKLAAD gallery, Holešovice, Prague (August 18 - 28, 2022) 'WONDERDUST' #4. Zvlášt Collective.


Ellu Gallery, Grass Valley California – (July 2018) The Strangeness of Beauty – Group show

UPCOMING....First Presbyterian Church, 5th Avenue and 12th Street (Sept 18-Oct 28, 2022) 'STOP THE INVASION' -Group Show


The Water Institute, Hashomer 7, Givatayim (June 11-14, 2022) 'Lending a Hand to Ukraine' - Group Show



Tom Moore and the Seal Woman - Michael O'Malley - Illustrations Michael Rowland (2006)

Elpsis Boo/Erogements - Michael  J.Rowland - Novel with Painted chapters (2012)

The Refusal of Silence – (Novel) Michael J.Rowland 2015

Infinity in Bits - Michael J.Rowland - A Tarot book (2021)



Music From The Threshold – Album by Mook Rowland and George Whistler (2016)




Michael  is the Co-founder of Alt*Art Society with Chantelle Goldthwaite. An international collective set up to promote collaborative art projects around the world.


He is a member of the Prague based Zvlášť Collective

He is also Co-Curator of the online gallery ‘Isolation Collection’.

Through the versatile array of his paintings Michael questions every social and religious dogma on the grounds that he was not invited to any of the founders’ meetings.

In Infinity in Bits you will see and read things which resonate, and you will be confused and you will be overwhelmed at times. That is, if you accept the invitation to a smorgasbord of visual art, poetry and revelations which have bubbled up and out of Michael John Rowland in bits and pieces, from an infinity of sources, intrinsically and beautifully connected to the 78 cards of the Tarot.